Lets meet Jess

So who is she?

I am a girl who is really trying to live her dream. A few years ago I have been traveling through Southeast Asia for 3 months. When I came back I decided to really go for it. I believe that if you really want something and you keep on trying - almost everyting is possible!

In the beginning, I did assist other great MUA. But from then on I needed my name under the pictures. I did many many TPF (Time For P0rints)- shoots with zero budget. This, because I knew it would expand my network. This did mean that next to my fulltime job I needed to spend every free hour on set. When I came home late night I had appointments and did my administration.

In The Meantime

It took some time and patience to get trough that tough period. Even though I really enjoyed everything I did, sometimes it was pretty hard to deal with an agenda like that, lol.

In the meantime I am still working in the salon, part-time, so that is already much easier to combine. Because I am starting to get enough paid jobs now, I cannot do a lot of TFP anymore. That is definately a good thing! Yet, I always enjoyed to discover unexpected talent!

Still Dreaming

Still I am keeping my dreams big. I really enjoy the unexpected, that every day is a surprise, meeting new people and to not know what the day will be like. This is what a freelancers life looks like. So for sure, I would love to spend even more time doing this!